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The Ultimate Guide to Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Maintenance is key to ensuring your fire extinguisher can be used reliably in an emergency. This article from EK Fire Protection acts as a guide to fire extinguisher servicing, helping you to understand what may happen during a professional maintenance service.

The Importance of Fire Extinguishers

In any workplace, fire extinguishers are essential fire safety measures. Used to put out a fire, these are useful tools that can be vital in reducing the damage caused by a fire in your workplace. While the installation process itself is important, looking after the fire extinguisher will keep it reliable and safe in an emergency.

Fire Extinguisher Care

Looking after your fire extinguisher will help to extend its longevity, and is essential to responsible fire extinguisher ownership. An annual service will keep your fire extinguisher lasting for a long time, providing support in an emergency.


While each fire safety company will offer their version of a fire extinguisher service, key elements should always be included when carried out by a professional fire safety business. Read on to find out the essential components of an expert fire extinguisher service.

A Visual Inspection

Fire extinguishers should be free of external harm, as dents and scratches can be indicators that your fire extinguishers will be too damaged to function properly. An expert will carry out a visual inspection of your fire extinguisher first and foremost.

Pressure Gauge Reading

Displaying the internal pressure of your fire extinguisher, a pressure gauge is an essential part of a working fire extinguisher. A professional will take a reading of your pressure gauge to ensure it will work in an emergency.

Checking for Blockages and Corrosion

To operate properly in an emergency, fire extinguishers need to be in the best possible condition that they can be in. Blockages and corrosion in the discharge hose may prevent it from working properly. A professional will check your hose during an annual service to ensure it can operate properly.


Dust and dirt can damage a fire extinguisher when left unchecked, so it’s vital to ensure it is regularly cleaned. Damage can include the wearing away of important information on the surface of the extinguisher. During an annual service, your fire extinguisher company should clean and dust your extinguisher as part of the process.

Checking Wall Mounts

Wall mounts are used to support your fire extinguisher, helping to keep it accessible in an emergency. It’s essential to make sure these are supportive enough to withstand the weight of your fire extinguisher, which is something that your fire protection company will check.

Fire Extinguishers in Kent

From emergency signs to fire extinguishers, EK Fire Protection provides high-quality fire safety products and services to Kent and beyond. As a professional fire safety business, our team of experts are happy to help your company with all your fire safety needs. Please visit our website to learn more about us and our services at EK Fire Protection. Alternatively, get in touch with us directly for further advice and support.

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