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Book your fire risk assessment today

E K Fire Protection Ltd are able to offer accurate help and advice to ensure you meet current legislation with ease! For services in Kent contact our team right away.

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Plan ahead with our support

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 has transformed the way people need to look at fire safety. A thorough fire risk assessment is a must and can help you prepare for virtually any potential fire risk in your property. Every business’ fire risk levels will be different, which is why it pays to work with E K Fire Protection.

We provide a wide range of fire safety solutions to help our clients protect themselves and their properties. As part of this service, we provide expert fire safety risk assessments. These assessments help you understand where the threats and risks are and what you can do to avoid falling victim to fire.


Our experts have been providing in-depth assessments since 1995 and are well-known throughout Kent. We can also help with specific aspects of fire safety, such as Fire Evacuations Plans, Risk Assessment Reviews, tailored Fire Warden Training and Compartmentation Surveys.

What does an assessment look at?

Our fire risk assessments are focused on the safety of all individuals if a fire breaks out. Whether your organisation is large or small, our services will ensure that you and your employees are adequately prepared for any fire risks and you have enough equipment to deal with any fires that may break out.

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We look at three key areas

Potential fire hazards

Identifying who is at risk

What measures are currently in place

Our team will assess each area, report back on our findings and produce a plan to develop your fire safety measures.

Never had an issue over the many years I have used this company for all my fire protection needs. The office was very helpful and approachable, as are the engineers in which I have dealt with. 10/10 would recommend.

Matt Childs

To book a risk assessment, speak to the team at E K Fire Protection now on

01304 210909
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