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Learn everything you need to know about fire risk management

If you have questions about fire safety, E K Fire Protection Ltd’s FAQ guide is the perfect read! Check out our guide below, or contact our team. We’re ready to help businesses throughout Kent.

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Discover our insightful FAQ guide

Whether you’re new to fire safety or E K Fire Protection specifically, it pays to have all the answers upfront. We have put together this helpful guide to assist our customers with a range of common enquiries.

If you need support with fire alarm installation or servicing, or guidance on current regulations, our team is always happy to assist. Take a look at our guide below and speak to our team to book an expert.

The main fire alarm categories

  • M. Manual.
    These are systems require occupants to manually activate them upon discovering a fire. A basic-level system for sites where there is no sleeping on-site. Some elements of automation (such as smoke detectors) can be incorporated.
  • L. Life Safety System Category 5
    Custom systems not covered by other categories.
  • L4. Life Safety System Category 4
    Escape routes and circulation areas. Designed to protect escape routes.
  • L3. Life Safety system Category 3
    Higher coverage levels than L4, designed to provide earlier warning of fire.
  • L2. Life Safety System Category 2
    Automatic fire protection in defined areas. Suitable for high risk areas.
  • L1. Life Safety System Category 1
    Whole-building coverage (with minor exceptions).
  • P2. Property Protection Category 2
    Fire protection in specified areas of high risk, or where disruption must be minimised.
  • P1. Property Protection Category 1
    Whole-building coverage. Designed to offer early warning and to minimise time from fire ignition to the arrival of emergency services.

Can't find your question?

Not to worry; the team at E K Fire protection will be happy to help. If you can’t find the answers you are looking for, please feel free to contact our team directly with any questions you have about fire risk management, or any of our other services.

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