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emergency lighting

Light the way with our emergency lighting inspections

An emergency lighting installation is the most important part of any fire safety system. Count on E K Fire Protection Ltd to provide an effective inspection service throughout the Kent area.

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Ensure your emergency lighting is adequate with our support

Emergency lights are installed to ensure that even when the power supply is cut during an emergency situation they will assist in a safe and illuminated evacuation from your premises. If a fire occurs, the power may be cut automatically. Without emergency lighting the sudden loss of light can be dangerous for the occupants and increase the risk of injury to your staff members.

Emergency lighting must be able to operate completely autonomously, to ensure the safe evacuation from a building. Here at E K Fire Protection, we ensure full compliance with all of the relevant regulations and standards when it comes to emergency lighting installation.

We are able to provide a comprehensive service throughout Kent.

There are two main types of emergency lighting:

Emergency escape lighting.

The part of an emergency lighting system that identifies the safe escape routes in your building. It is an essential part of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Escape route lighting.

This part of your lighting system helps people easily find their way to the escape routes located in your premises.

emergency lighting
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A complete end-to-end solution

One of our qualified engineers will visit your premises yearly to test the emergency lighting. An emergency lighting inspection will take 3 hours, adhering to British Standards. To conduct this test our engineer will implement a mains power failure on your normal lighting, which will initiate your emergency lighting system through a battery supply.

Once power is restored, our engineer will need to re-check the entire system again. There is also an automatic test which our team will carry out, if you have self-testing emergency lighting installed.


All findings will be reported back to you and recorded in your 'Alarm and Emergency Lighting' log-book. Recording findings is a requirement in the emergency lighting Code of Practice.

We highly recommend E K Fire Protections Ltd. Michelle and her team provided a professional service meeting all our needs to a very high standard at Coversure Dover.

Louise Govey

For a competitive quote on our emergency lighting systems call

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