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The Most Important Fire-Safety Tips to Teach Your Kids

Teaching your kids about fire safety in a gentle way is a really important way of ensuring that they are always as safe as possible. It is difficult to do sensitively, as you don’t want to scare your children, but also want to make sure that they are well-equipped to find safety if they do encounter a fire. Learning fire safety is something that will stay with your child for life, so why not teach them while they are young? 

Most of the time your child will be under adult supervision - by you, a teacher, or a trusted individual - but giving them this knowledge will ease your mind and ensure that in the unlikely event that they run into a dangerous situation without an adult present, they are as prepared as possible.

Explaining Emergency Signs 

There are different ways of teaching your child about emergency signs. You could sit them down and go through the important fire safety signs; alternatively, when you are out and about, you can point out emergency signs and tell them how to find the nearest fire exits. Children may respond well to interactive learning. If you’re out shopping, get them to point out fire exit signs to you and have them explain where they’d need to go in case of a fire.

Also, explain the best way to escape from your home. Of course, this might be distressing to your kids, so approach this delicately and make sure to reassure them.


What Should They Do If They See a Fire?

An important part of fire safety is knowing how to respond. Now, wherever your child is, they will likely have an adult nearby so that person, whether it be you or a teacher, should be their first port of call should they perceive danger. You should also explain to them how to escape from a fire and how to call 999 in an emergency.

What Isn’t a Toy?

It’s important that children know what isn’t a toy, live wires, plugs, sockets, etc. They also need to be aware of the dangers of cooking equipment, and not play around fire. Teaching your child the basics of what is flammable will help them be conscious of the dangers of fire.

Explain Fire Alarms

It’s key that children understand what they need to do if they hear a fire or smoke alarm sound. They need to know the sound these alarms make, and where to go if it goes off. Again, making this learning interactive may help them. You could get them to help you change the batteries in your home alarms, for example.

Make Sure That Your Home is Fire-Safe

Smoke alarm installation and fire extinguishers are essential in any home or business to ensure safety. These are measures that shouldn’t be skipped as they could save lives. If you own a business and want a professional fire safety company to assess your premises and install fire protection systems, call EK Fire Protection today.

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