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The Most Common Fire Extinguisher Mistakes to Avoid

While everyone should know the basics of how to use fire safety equipment, unfortunately, not everyone was taught. 

If a fire extinguisher ends up in the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to use it properly, it can be extremely dangerous and even fatal in an emergency.

Read on to discover the most common fire extinguisher mistakes to avoid so that you can ensure that you are fully prepared in the event of an emergency.   

Not reading the instructions

As with anything, reading the instructions is vital. Take the time to read the instructions on a fire extinguisher before a fire can start. 

Not reading the instructions may result in dangerous misuse and even a small refresher can make the difference between life and death in an emergency. 

Not pulling the extinguisher pin

The pins on a fire extinguisher are located on the handle and are designed to prevent an unintended discharge.

It is important to remember to pull the pin or you will not be able to use your fire extinguisher. Some fire extinguishers also have fire seals that protect the pin from being accidentally pulled from a fire extinguisher and can be used to identify a fire extinguisher that has already been discharged.

When you see the tamper seal on a fire extinguisher, simply twist and pull the pin and you will be good to go.

Standing too close

The distance between a fire and a fire extinguisher is critical. Many people stand too close to a fire when using fire safety equipment which puts them at risk of being burned. Standing too close can also spread the flames even further

Standing too far away, however, is also a mistake as it will not help to extinguish the fire. 

It is best to stand about 6-8 feet away from a fire to properly extinguish it.

Aiming too high

When faced with a large, roaring fire, many people try to aim at the top first to lower the flame. This is not what you want to do. Instead, aim at the base of the fire where the fuel is and sweep along to distinguish the fire. 

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