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Fire Safety Signs And Their Meanings

Fire safety is of paramount importance in any environment, with the potential effects of a blaze unpredictable to say the least. Whether in a public or a private context, there are plenty of measures you can introduce in an effort to ensure the safety of individuals. Legally required in many instances, and extremely beneficial as a means of warning or directing members of the public in the event of a fire, without exaggerating, dedicated signage can be the difference between life and death. With this in mind, let EK Fire Protection take you through some of the most prominent safety signs and their meanings.

Your Legal Responsibility

As a business owner or stakeholder, you’re directly responsible for the welfare of your staff, and as a result, you’ll likely be tasked with acquiring the fire safety essentials. As a general rule, all business premises will need at least 2 or 3 fire safety signs, but working out which ones you need and where you should put them may be troublesome. Your premises are not required to have every single type of fire safety sign, with this specific to the premises, activities, occupants and fire risks. If in doubt there is plenty of guidance available on GOV.UK

Fire Door Signs

Fire door signs are usually situated right beside fire doors within your premises, and should clearly indicate that these are exits specifically for use during emergencies. All fire exit doors must carry a ‘Fire door, keep shut’ sign, a mandatory notice giving an instruction which must be followed. Though these circular blue signs are common within most buildings, depending on the type of exits you have, you may also need to provide instructions on how to operate the door. EK Fire Protection supply a range of photoluminescent signs, which require no electrical connection.

Emergency Escape Directions

If your commercial premises are small with a simple layout, you may not legally require a fire exit sign, though this is best checked on a case-by-case basis. For more complex buildings, fire exit signs are a necessity, and should be reliably mapped out for all present. Ultimately, what you specifically need comes down to how easily occupants would be able to find their way out of the building in the event of fire, with bright green illuminated directional signs more often than not a requirement.

Fire Risk Symbols

Necessary within settings that pose an amount of danger towards anyone present, such as a room with an open flame or particular flammable objects, fire risk symbols and warning signs are generally yellow and black, often triangular, and designed to alert or catch the eye, In terms of fire safety, you will almost always need a fire warning sign when you have flammable substances on the premises, such as gas or oil. If in any doubt, consult us. 

Looking for a reliable fire protection company in your local area? you needn’t look further than EK Fire Protection. Our professional and experienced team are proud to provide businesses across the South East with fire protection equipment, alongside risk assessments and training courses. Contact today and learn more about how our service can benefit you!

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