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Fire Safety for Food Trucks: What You Should Know

Updated: Jun 13

A red food truck

Food trucks or mobile catering services have unique needs. They feature all the dangers of a commercial kitchen, but in a much smaller space and with the added complications of also being a functioning vehicle. You’ll need to ensure that the vehicle is protected with the appropriate fire equipment.

Common Fire Hazards Aboard a Food Truck

There are three main risks for a fire on a food truck. You’ll need to be prepared for all of them.

Electrical Faults: It’s best to prevent these types of fires in the first place, so ensure all cables and wires are protected and tucked out of the way. A certified electrician should check the wiring on a regular basis to ensure there are no fire hazards in the electrical system. You’ll need to have CO2 extinguishers on hand for this type of fire.

Grease fires: On most food trucks, the grease or fat used for cooking is the most likely thing to go up in flames. To prevent this issue, never cook while the vehicle is in motion. Regular precautions should also be taken. You’ll need a fire blanket for grease fires, or you could alternatively stock a foam fire extinguisher.

LPG: Another risk is liquified petroleum gas (LPG) which is a common means of producing heat in vehicles via gas. This requires dry powder for extinguishing.

Depending on the size of the truck, you may wish to install an overhead fire suppression system that will help you by automatically putting out fires.

Keeping Employees Safe

In addition to regular fire protection, you should consider escape routes and ventilation. In such a tiny space, it’s essential that you have a clear path to the exit. This will usually be the doors at the back of the truck, which should be in good working condition and unlocked in order to allow for easy exit at any point.

It’s also a good idea to reduce any tripping hazards within the space, as this can get in the way when attempting to escape during a fire. Keep the truck organised and properly set up to prevent any slips or falls, as well.

Be sure to hold regular fire drills. Everything needs to be well practised so that you can move quickly if there’s an emergency. Ensure all your employees are aware of what to do if there is a fire or any other situation.

If you are worried about providing the proper equipment for your food truck, contact EK Fire Protection for an appraisal.

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