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Everything You Need To Know About Nurse Call Systems

Nurse call systems are an essential part of our healthcare systems. They are extremely important for patients, so that they can receive the necessary medical care. 

Here at EK Fire Protection, we offer a range of quality care call systems for healthcare organisations. To learn more about what nurse call systems are and how they could benefit you, keep on reading. 

What Are Nurse Call Systems? 

Nurse call systems are a type of care call system used often in healthcare settings. You may have encountered a nurse call system before, maybe in a hospital or a nursing home. At the push of a button, patients can alert nurses and call for medical help.  Some of the benefits of nurse call systems are: 

  • Improved response times - Nurses are alerted much faster through these systems, getting to the patient in a more timely manner. 

  • Patient safety - Because patients can call for nurses at the touch of a button, they don’t need to move or get out of bed, reducing the risk of further injury and making them much safer. 

  • Better efficiency - Care call systems can streamline the communication in healthcare facilities, making it easier for patients to ask for and receive medical care. 

With recent advancements in technology, and developments in the healthcare world, elderly support systems have come leaps and bounds. From pull cords to complete wireless systems, nurse call care has grown significantly over the years, improving healthcare as a result. 

Types Of Systems 

There are two main types of nurse call system to be aware of: 

  • Wired - As the name suggests, wired systems are usually connected via physical wiring.  

  • Wireless - Wireless systems are more recent developments, which allows for more flexibility in healthcare organisations. 

Upgrade Your Nurse Call System With EK Fire Protection

Here at EK Fire Protection, we understand the importance of nurse call systems and the safety they provide for patients. We offer a range of care call systems for elderly patients, so that they aren’t put at further risk of injury.

Tailoring care call systems to each individual setting is something we’re proud of, and it helps our team get the job done right. From disabled toilet pull cords to complete bedside systems, we offer a range of nurse call systems to suit your organisation.  

Contact Us

If you’re looking for more information regarding our nurse call systems, feel free to contact us today. Our team of professional nurse call installers will be sure to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. 

To browse some of our fire protection services, head to our website for more information. 

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