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Establishments Where Emergency Lighting is Essential

Fire protection plans are imperative in all kinds of situations, from public establishments to private office buildings and even homes. However, whilst some preventative measures are simply advised, for others they are legally required.

In the case of emergency exit signs and lighting, these are required in any establishment where the public has access or where people are employed. We’ve listed three examples of such establishments below where emergency lighting is essential.


Considering that a hospital is one of the last places many people want to end up, for most people these are unfamiliar surroundings - not helped by their sheer size, with numerous rooms, buildings and departments.

As such, emergency exit signs are even more important, since they show you the quickest and safest route to take in the event of an emergency, rather than you trying to navigate your own way out and potentially getting lost or closer to the fire.

Furthermore, many patients within hospitals would be unable to exit quickly or without assistance, thus emergency lights must remain clearly visible when everyone is trying to evacuate at the same time, especially for nurses and orderlies who are trying to help patients leave the building.

Residential Blocks

Though private occupied areas, such as flats, within a residential block don’t require emergency lighting, any publicly accessible areas within a residential block do. This includes communal areas and stairwells.

Whilst many residents will know their way out of the residential block, this may not be the safest route in the event of a fire, which is why emergency exit signs are required. Furthermore, there may be visitors or even workers, such as cleaners or delivery drivers, who aren’t as familiar with the building and would need specific guidance on where to go.

On top of that, many residential buildings are multiple stories high, with those living on the upper floors being likely to take the lift more often than not. This is not safe in a fire emergency, thus they would need to be directed accordingly with emergency signs, which would be especially useful if they otherwise don’t regularly take the stairs.


Escape route lighting is undoubtedly important in schools. A typical school, depending on the size and type, will have anywhere from hundreds of to over a thousand pupils who attend, not to mention you’ve got various teachers and other staff members on top of that, as well as visitors or parents on numerous occasions.

With so many lives that would be at risk in the event of a fire, and with the majority of these being children, having clear escape routes is a no brainer. Despite being familiar with their surroundings, in the event of a fire anxieties can run high and lead to panic, especially amongst youths, so having a clear signage for teachers and older students to direct them to follow can help ensure that everyone is able to exit swiftly in a safe manner.

If you’d like to arrange an appropriate fire escape route and emergency light installations at your establishment, then you need the help of a fire safety company like us here at EK Fire Protection. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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