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Why Is Fire Safety Signage Important For My Building?

If you own or run a commercial building of any kind, fire signage is extremely important for various reasons. Whether it’s a warehouse, school, retail space or any other kind of commercial building, fire safety is extremely important. Having the appropriate signage around your building is crucial for safety in the unfortunate event of a fire! To find out more about fire safety signage, keep on reading! 

Types Of Fire Safety Signs

When it comes to fire safety signs, you may be wondering what kind of signs are required in your building. We’ve outlined some of the most important fire safety signage you should have in your building. 

Escape Route Signs 

You will probably have seen escape route signs before, and they are usually a green colour. They are designed to streamline the process of leaving the building, especially during an emergency or an evacuation. Escape route signs will safely guide everyone in the building to the safe meeting point outside. 

You don’t need to frequently update these signs, but keep an eye on them as they get worn over time. 

Emergency Exit Signs 

Emergency exit signs are also green in colour, and you will have most likely seen these before too. Emergency exit signs are an important part of fire safety signage. Doors with push bars, or doors that are for emergency escape will usually have an emergency exit sign on top. These doors are designed for an easy route out of the building and should be signed appropriately. 

Fire Equipment 

Fire equipment signs can be found near fire extinguishers, fire alarms and other fire safety equipment that you have in your building. This equipment should be clearly signed and individuals should only use them if they have been properly trained. 

Mandatory Signs 

Mandatory fire safety signs are, as the name suggests, mandatory. This could include things like ‘Keep fire door shut’ or ‘Automatic fire door keep clear’ signs. These signs are for everyone’s safety, making people aware of important safety information. 

You’ll usually find these signs in blue and white colours on both sides of a door, or wherever they are placed. These mandatory signs must not be ignored, and they symbolise an extreme safety precaution. 

EK Fire Protection: Fire Safety Signage, Fire Alarm Installation & More

Here at EK Fire protection, we are a renowned fire safety company offering a range of fire safety and protection services. From safety signage to fire risk assessments, we want to help you keep your building safe and secure. 

For further enquiries about any of our services, feel free to contact us today. Our team will be happy to help you find whatever 

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