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Where to Position Fire Alarms in Commercial Buildings

The position of a fire alarm is highly important in ensuring the safety of the people inside the building. Installing fire alarms in the correct area helps to get everyone out of the building as soon as possible and alerts fire services to prevent the fire from getting worse. 

The following guide includes details on all the areas of your commercial building where fire alarms should be placed. 

What is the Current UK Legislation for Fire Alarms in

Commercial Buildings?

The current UK legislation states that all commercial properties must have an ‘appropriate fire detection system.’ 

A fire alarm is the most effective fire detection system which can quickly alert those inside buildings of a fire. 

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees. This means providing the best possible detection systems to keep your staff and your building safe.

Always Install on Ceilings

Fire alarms should always be installed on the ceiling of buildings. This is because hot smoke initially rises and spreads out so a fire alarm on a ceiling can detect the smoke almost straight away. 

They should be fitted as close to the centre of the room as possible.

You should also keep any obstructions around your ceiling from getting in the way. Keep your fire alarm away from lights and fans as they can affect the effectiveness of your fire alarm system.

Add Fire Alarms to Hallways 

You should always place fire alarms in areas where they can easily be heard. Installing fire alarms in hallways and corridors is important because it can signal to other parts of the building that there is a fire. 

Smoke detection units are often licked up to where all alarms will go off when just one is triggered. 

Avoid Draughty Areas

Avoid placing fire alarms next to windows and areas which may experience regular draughts. This is because draughts make it difficult for fire alarms to identify smoke and reduces the effectiveness of the system. 

Keep fire alarms in areas where they can easily identify smoke. 

Keep Away From Appliances

It is important to keep fire alarms away from any heat-producing appliances. This is because fire alarms are likely to detect the heat and produce a false alarm. Keep fire alarms at least ten feet away from any hot appliances. 

Fire Alarm System Installation Near Me

If you are looking for a reliable fire alarm system to protect your commercial building, then look no further than EK Fire Protection.

At EK Fire Protection, we have an experienced team who offers a range of fire safety solutions to the Kent area including fire exit signs and expert fire risk assessment services. 

For additional information on the wide range of services we offer, contact a member of our friendly team on 01304 210909 here today. 

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