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Where In The Office Should A Fire Alarm Be Installed?

Finger pressing a fire alarm

Employee safety is of utmost importance, and with fires a very real risk within the workplace, having an efficient solution for notifying staff of a potential blaze is crucial. Able to inform multiple people at once, as well as being adaptable, efficient and modern, fire alarms need not be expensive, and can save lives in some circumstances. A common query is where such systems should be located within a room. Above a potential fire risk? Near the desks of employees? Read on to find all the answers you need. 

EK Fire Protection are experts in fire safety, with decades of experience under our belts and an advanced understanding of the latest developments in hazard prevention. We can suggest the most suitable alarms, lighting systems and training for your facility, with tailored recommendations on products as varied as fire extinguishers and staff-friendly fire safety signs.

The Centre Of A Flat Ceiling

The ideal location for fire alarm installation is the centre of a ceiling due to the fact it can then cover the entire room in equal measure. It is suggested that an alarm should be located at least 300mm away from walls and decorative objects to ensure the detector is not obstructed by anything. This central placing is also ideal due to the fact that air does not circulate effectively in corners. An open space will solve this dilemma.


Every Room

Though it may prove a difficult task within some larger offices, equipping every room with fire alarms is perfect for ensuring the safety of you and your workforce. Fires are unpredictable and therefore can occur in any room under strange circumstances. Having an alarm or smoke detector installed in just one room within the office is a good start, but best practice is to equip each and every space with such a device.

More Alarms Increase Safety

If a spontaneous blaze is confined to a small room, it can spread very quickly, and with smoke often trapped inside of these spaces, a singular alarm within a different room may take a while to pick up on the danger or even worse, not notify you whatsoever. Having an alarm installed by a friendly team within each room in your workplace regardless of size will provide peace of mind that all settings are adequately covered by a safety solution. Fire safety signs are another worthwhile accompaniment. 

Professional Maintenance 

Even if you have fire alarms within the workspace already, many of us won’t regularly check such systems on a regular basis to ensure they are functioning properly. A faulty or broken alarm may not notify you if smoke is detected, placing staff at serious risk. Professionals at EK Fire Protection are well-versed in installing and maintaining new and efficient systems, with repairs regularly carried out within properties and office buildings. 

Whatever your requirement, EK Fire Protection are here to help. Whether you need a high-quality reliable fire alarm installation service, or you need an upgrade for an existing system, our team of friendly and experienced staff will endeavour to take care of your requirements. Over 20 years spent installing smoke alarms means that you never need to look further than us. Able to cater to your specific needs and produce bespoke designs, simply contact us today for more information, and to have your questions answered.

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