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What To Do In The Case Of A Fire In Your Office

Open space in front of emergency exit doors

It’s a situation that nobody wants to find themselves in, but there is always a danger of a fire breaking out. In 2021 just over half a million incidents were attended by Fire Rescue Services in the UK, as you just never know when an incident may occur. But in the case a fire happens, you need to be ready and know exactly what to do. A lot of people generally know how to keep safe in an incident in their own home, but not as many think about what happens when a fire breaks out in your office.

So here is what to do in the case of a fire in your office.

Stay Calm

The first thing you should do is stay calm. Being afraid and panicking can easily lead to you making mistakes and potentially getting hurt.

Report It

If you’re the one discovering the fire, the first thing you should do is report it. Immediately dial 999 and talk to the emergency services, giving as many details as possible about the fire. If a fire alarm hasn't automatically gone off, locate the nearest one and activate it to let everybody in the building know about the fire.

Close Doors

The best way to combat a fire spreading is to isolate this. You should close doors between you and the fire if possible. Normal doors won’t be quite so durable against fire as fire doors, but they can still help to stop the spread.

Follow The Fire Plan or Designated Fire Marshall

Most businesses will have a designated fire safety plan that will come into effect when a fire is discovered. A designated fire marshall may have been picked, who will take charge in the event of a fire. If there isn't, you should have dedicated fire routes to be followed. These routes can either be marked by emergency lighting and signage or prominently on walls for you to easily see.

Get Help From A Fire Safety Company

One of the best ways to stay safe in the case of a fire is to take the necessary precautions to guard beforehand. By working with EK Fire Protection, you can ensure your office is up to date with fire safety regulations with a variety of services. This includes the installation of fire alarms, fire safety signs or emergency lights, the sale and servicing of fire extinguishers, and a fire safety risk assessment.

We’re dedicated to providing businesses across the South East with thorough equipment and training that will help keep them safe in case a fire ever breaks out. So give us a call today on 01304 210909 to talk through the requirements of your building with one of our friendly and experienced staff. If you want to find out more about the services we offer, visit our website now for more information.

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