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What to Consider When Choosing a Type of Door Access Control

As a business owner, protecting your place of work feels just as important as protecting your home. More than likely multiple people will need access to your building, from visiting customers to regular employees. To ensure you are keeping your workplace safe despite the high-traffic entries means choosing an intelligent and reliable security method of allowing those with permission in. 

To help you choose which option you’d like, read on to find out the highlights of five types of door access control.

Keypad Readers

One of the most commonly used systems to keep a building secure is a door activated by a keypad. Keypad systems are simple, comparatively inexpensive and allow the code to be shared easily between members of staff and visitors. Unlike a physical key, a code cannot be lost in public, making it an arguably safer option. 

As keypads largely operate on short and guessable 4-digit passcodes, you should ensure your keypad system buttons are not allowed to wear down. It is therefore worth making sure these are regularly maintained. 

Key Fob Systems

Key fobs are another common type of entry system. Employees are issued with an individual key fob, meaning they can access the building independently and at their leisure. These can be a great combination of both ease and security. 

Card Readers

Key card systems work by swiping the card near a reader. A magnetic strip within the card makes it readable to allow access into the building. These cards are difficult to copy, making them secure. However, due to use, these cards will often wear down much easier than other methods might. If this is the method you choose to opt for, make sure the wear on the cards is monitored by the company that installed your system. 

Audio Entry

Audio intercoms can be useful in determining who is attempting to access your building. Whereas a physical keycard can be found and used to gain entry, audio systems require your unique voice as identification. These systems can include a keypad too, so your employees have easy access to the building while your visitors are checked and monitored.

Video Entry

Similar to audio entry, video entry systems rely on your unique characteristics to verify your identity. Most video door access control systems include audio, adding an extra level of security. As with audio systems, a keypad is often included for easy and regular access. All videos can be recorded too, meaning if you are subject to an unpleasant visitor it can be easily reported.

What We Do

At EK Fire Protection, we primarily operate as a fire safety company, however we do much more than simple fire alarm installations. Not only can we install your door access control, we will maintain the system to ensure it performs reliably and efficiently. Our wide range of expertise means we can offer many other safety securities too, from wireless nurse call systems to the servicing of fire extinguishers.

If you would like to learn more about what we can offer your business, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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