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What Should You Be Teaching Your Family About Fire Safety?

As your family grows, so do your worries. With a child’s healthy curiosity comes risk, so teaching your entire family how to be safe around fires is imperative. While this sounds easy enough, what specifically should we be teaching them about the dangers of flames?

Read on for some suggestions and useful tips to help your family learn about fire safety.

What to Know

Explaining how fires happen can assist you in explaining to your family that they should be careful. Fires happen when three conditions align. To start a fire, there must be an ignition source, an oxygen source and a fuel source. You can even give examples of what each source is to help them understand better. By illustrating potential things that can cause a fire, your children will learn to be cautious rather than curious.

At school and work, your family members will practise fire drills which will help them learn what they should do in the event of a fire. However, fire drills aren’t just for these settings; you can put them into place at home too. Organise which exit in your home should be used in an emergency and organise a meeting point outside. Teach them what smoke smells like, to help them identify a fire quickly. 

Staying Cautious

As adults, we now know what we should and should not touch. Young children and your pets, however, need to be taught what can harm them before they learn by experience. Many local fire safety businesses offer educational videos and literature about what a big fire can do, so do ask around for materials to help you teach.

With young family members, remind them that open flames, such as oven tops and candles, can not only burn their hands but that playing with these flames can result in uncontrollable fires. As for your pets, explanations like these won’t work. Instead, make sure to keep dangerous materials out of their reach to keep both yourselves safe.

Safety Equipment

While your family shouldn’t be expected to stop fires themselves, it’s worth showing them the tools that can help stop, alert to, and prevent a fire. At every available opportunity, point out to the equipment that can keep them safe.

Here is an example checklist of things to help your family members recognise:

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Fire alarms

  • Emergency lighting

  • Fire exit signs

  • Fire blankets

  • Smoke detectors

When testing your home safety equipment, get all your family involved. By helping your children and pets become familiar with smoke detectors, for example, they can learn what they sound like in preparation for an emergency. While checking your safety systems, it’s worth carrying out your own version of a fire risk assessment to check how successful your preparations might be.

How We Can Help

At EK Fire Protection, we help educate on fire safety. We offer workplace training sessions, which can help your employees become more literate about the dangers of fire and help spread awareness outside of the workplace too. To cater to your wider safety needs, we can further provide reliable fire alarms

If you would like further information on our courses and safety equipment, please visit our website or contact us to learn more.

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