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What is PAT Testing and Why Is It Important for Fire Safety?

You’ve likely heard about PAT testing and have a general understanding of what it is, but why is it important for your business? Read our quick guide to PAT testing to understand why they are needed, and how often you should be doing them. 

PAT Tests Ensure That Your Appliances Are Safe For Use

A PAT test is an inspection of the safety of electrical appliances. It applies to all of the electrical appliances within a business and ensures that they are safe for use. Depending on the type of business or institution, the PAT test might vary in frequency and intensity. PAT tests check for any inconsistencies in electrical items that may cause them to stop working, malfunction, or even start a fire. 

Unsafe electricals are sometimes easy to spot due to physical imperfections in wires or plugs, sometimes their issues are less superficial. It’s important to have your appliances properly checked out as unsafe electricals can lead to shocks, burns, and fires. Regular PAT testing, in conjunction with a fire risk assessment, will help minimise your chances of a fire.

How Frequently Do I Need to Do a PAT Test?

Most public places, businesses, and schools will complete a PAT test anywhere between every three months and once a year. There is no staunch legal obligation to carry out a PAT test, specifically, although The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 state that any electrical equipment that can cause injury must be kept in a safe working condition. Many insurance companies also require regular PAT testing for their cover to be valid. A regular PAT test ensures that your electricals are safe for use.

Regular PAT Tests Can Keep Your Insurance Costs to a Minimum

A PAT test is essentially a risk assessment of electrical equipment, they tell insurance companies that the electricals in your business, building, or school are safe. Having your appliances inspected regularly shows your insurance company that your electrical appliances are at a low risk of danger. 

Who Can Carry Out a PAT Test?

Technically speaking, any competent individual can complete a PAT test if they’ve had some training. There are two main parts of a PAT test; one is a visual inspection, and the other is a test of equipment. Visual inspections can be completed by anyone if they know what to look out for. However, you should enlist the help of a professional to carry out the testing part because they will need access to testing equipment, as well as the knowledge of how to use it and read the results of the tests.

Where Do I Go to Get a PAT Test?

If you need a PAT test, contact EK Fire Protection today. Our dedicated fire protection company is made of highly skilled specialists that can understand PAT testing inside and out. We offer PAT testing in addition to many other services such as fire risk assessments and fire extinguisher rental. Ensuring that your business is as safe and secure from fires as possible is our top priority. 

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