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What Is A Fire Risk Assessment & Does My Business Need One?

A fire risk assessment is an essential part of running any business, or owning a commercial property. Our blog dives into what a fire risk assessment entails, and why they are necessary for commercial buildings. To find out more about fire safety, keep on reading! 

Fire Risk Assessments: An Overview 

If you are responsible for a business building, it is a legal requirement to have a fire risk assessment carried out by a professional. These assessments are vital for keeping your property protected in the event of a fire. Fire hazards and potential risks need to be identified so that the right preventative measures can be taken to keep employees and customers safe. 

In the event of a fire, and a risk assessment hasn’t been carried out, or the appropriate safety measures have not been taken, this could result in serious repercussions. You could be given a serious fine and this could even be escalated further, depending on the damage caused by the fire. 

How Is A Fire Risk Assessment Carried Out? 

Professional fire risk assessments will be conducted by fire protection companies. You may be wondering what to expect during a risk assessment, read below for more information. 

  • Identify Fire Hazards - The first step in conducting a risk assessment is to identify all the fire hazards in your building. This could include electrical appliances, heating, or any other hazards that could potentially result in a fire. 

  • Identify Who Is At Risk - This could be employees, customers or any other individuals that might be at risk from a fire in your building. 

  • Evaluate, Remove And Reduce The Risks - This could involve installing smoke alarms, fire doors and other preventative measures to reduce the risk and harm a fire can cause. 

  • Record Findings - It’s important to keep track of all the steps taken and findings during the risk assessment.  

  • Prepare Emergency Plans & Provide Employee Training - Once the risks have been identified and preventative measures have been taken, emergency procedures can be planned and fire training should be provided to all employees.  

  • Regularly Update The Risk Assessment - You should regularly update your assessment to stay on top of safety regulations. 

EK Fire Protection: Quality Fire Risk Assessments & More 

EK Fire protection is a renowned fire safety company, operating across Kent. If you want to have a fire risk assessment carried out for your business, contact the team here at EK Fire Protection for more information. Our team of qualified professionals are ready to help you keep your building safe. 

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