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Understanding The Different Types of Fire Alarms Available

While we all know fire safety precautions are essential, it can be easier to underestimate the importance of choosing the right fire alarm for your needs. Choosing the perfect system can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! In this article from EK Fire Protection, you can find out more about some of the most popular types of fire alarms and how to select the right one.

Optical Alarms

Slow-burning fires are dangerous and build steadily, resulting in serious damage. Thankfully, optical alarms are specifically designed to detect smouldering fires, as they detect larger particles of smoke. These systems are reliable, so should not fail in an emergency nor raise alarms falsely. If you are researching smoke alarm installations, you are likely to come across optical alarms as a potential solution. 

Multi-sensor Alarms

Sensitive to a wide range of fires, multi-sensor alarms provide alerts to anything from smouldering to fast fires. By signalling an emergency quickly, regardless of the type of fire, a multi-sensor alarm helps those living or working on a property to get to safety quickly. As they can detect both smoke and temperatures, their response is quick and accurate. 

Heat Alarms

Heat alarms typically come in two forms, set to detect a predetermined temperature or to operate on the rate of the temperature rise.  These varieties give plenty of options to businesses and homeowners, allowing them to set what is normal for certain types of rooms. Companies with professional kitchens, for example, are unlikely to have the same settings for a heat alarm as a household kitchen.

The Right Alarm for You

Not every type of alarm will be right for your property, so it’s important to select a system that will work for your home. Before looking into a fire alarm installation, it can be beneficial to contact an expert fire safety business, who should give you advice. They will consider your property type, including the different purposes of your rooms, and which potential fire hazards you may have inside. They may even recommend different types for different rooms.

Our Services

At EK Fire Protection, we understand the importance of finding the right fire alarm system for your business or home. Without the reassurance of a functioning system, you leave the safety of those inside your property up to chance. Thankfully, our friendly team can help you determine the right alarm system for your building, using over 20 years of experience to our advantage.

To find out more about fire alarm installations from EK Fire Protection, please visit our website. Here, you can also discover our range of other fire safety equipment, as well as our in-depth fire safety courses. For further support and advice, please contact us directly today.

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