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Top Workplace Tech That Could Benefit From A PAT Test

Technology has completely transformed the way we work in recent years, where digital devices in particular have sped up processes and made services more efficient. From laptops and monitors to printers and coffee machines, we rely on these technologies every day to get the job done. 

But all of this tech needs to be properly maintained to ensure that it remains in top condition, where appliances that are used frequently can easily fall into disrepair. One of the key checks for electronic devices is Portable Appliance Testing, or a PAT test. This is when electrical appliances are examined for faults, where these could include a cracked casing or exposed wiring. 

Read on to find out more about the various workplace devices that can benefit from PAT testing.

Laptops & Monitors

These are some of the most used tools in a modern workplace, meaning testing is essential to ensure they remain in good working order. Any aspect of a modern computer system can become damaged, including the screen, wiring and external hardware components.

Extension Leads

These multi-functional plug and wiring components can be used to allow multiple devices to connect to the mains in your workplace. Importantly, they shouldn’t be overloaded with too many plugs, where any exposed wiring or breakages could lead to a failed PAT test.

Cleaning Equipment

Aside from the items found around a desk, other electricals such as hoovers also require regular PAT testing. These devices can easily become blocked or overfilled with debris, where complex interconnecting parts often fall into disrepair and require replacements.


Additional technologies that make up an office setting also require PAT testing to ensure they’re safe to use. This includes printers, photocopiers and scanners, where these pieces of tech can break down and require repairs if they are utilised frequently.

Kitchen Appliances

Despite the acronym, some office technologies not considered to be portable can also require a PAT test. These can include kitchenette appliances such as dishwashers, fridges and microwaves, where these devices can be hazardous if they go unchecked for long periods.

EK Fire Protection: PAT Testing, Fire Safety Assessments & Much More

At EK Fire Protection, we offer a dependable PAT testing service alongside fire risk assessments for your workplace. In addition to this, we can equip your office with everything you need to protect your business from fire. This includes our fire extinguisher rental and sales service, where we can also provide emergency exit signs, emergency lighting and reliable alarm system installation. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help.

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