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Top Maintenance & Care Tips For Your Fire Extinguisher

Since their invention in the 1800s fire extinguishers have become a health and safety staple, particularly in the workplace and across other commercial buildings. Usually containing water, powder or foam, each extinguisher is designed to put out different types of fires, where a lever handle and hose come together to create an effective safety device.

But as with any fire safety equipment, you need to keep your extinguishers well maintained to reap the full benefits of their functions. This involves checking the internal systems and the external casings of each extinguisher, so that if an emergency does occur, they are ready for action.

Read on to find out more about the top ways you can take care of your fire extinguishers.

Maintenance Logs

One of the best ways you can organise your fire extinguisher checks is to keep a regular maintenance log. This is especially beneficial for workplaces and businesses, where this can be used as evidence during fire safety inspections. Dating each maintenance check helps to keep track of any faults as well as what repairs have been carried out.

Ensure Mountings Are Secure

Beyond the extinguisher itself, you will also need to make sure that the mountings for the device are kept in good working order. This can be a wall or floor fixture, where these should be able to hold the extinguisher securely without damaging the outer canister.

Check Hose For Blockages

A key element of the fire extinguisher system is the hose, where this allows the fire suffocating material to flow from the device and extinguish the blaze. These hoses can be checked through visual inspection as well as through an operational test of the extinguisher. 

Keep Surroundings Clear

Another major feature of extinguisher maintenance is to make sure that the surrounding area is clear from obstructions and debris. This includes anything that may block user access to the extinguishers, or that may prevent users from easily reading the extinguisher labelling.

Professional Servicing

Beyond these regular checks and inspections, you will also need to conduct an annual service on all your fire extinguishers. This can be carried out by a fire prevention professional, where these checks can be necessary to pass a fire safety inspection in your building. 

EK Fire Protection: Professional Fire Extinguisher Services In Kent 

At EK Fire Protection, we offer a comprehensive fire extinguisher sales and rental service in addition to providing professional servicing. Further to this, we also provide fire alarm installation services as well as signage and emergency lighting installation. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help.

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