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The True Importance of Fire Alarms for Businesses

Updated: Jun 13

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No matter which industry sector you work in or what type of business you run, fire safety should always be a top priority. Being aware of the fire risks within your workplace is extremely important; by identifying fire risks and hazards in the workplace, you can ensure that all of the necessary steps are taken to prevent fires and ensure that everyone in your building is safe at all times. 

The appropriate fire alarm systems need to be installed in commercial buildings to ensure that everyone is alerted should a fire break out. In a fire emergency, just a few seconds could save lives - and that’s why we want to talk about the importance of fire alarm systems for businesses. 

Fire safety is never something that should be overlooked or taken for granted. Failure to implement the right fire safety systems and practices can put your business, employees and building at great risk. 

If you’re still wondering about the true importance of fire alarms for your business, here’s five reasons why investing in quality fire alarms for your business is crucial.

Keep your customers and employees safe 

No matter what type of business you run, it’s crucial that your employees, customers and anyone else in your building feels safe. When people are in your building, it’s your responsibility to ensure that they are safe and protected from the risk of a fire, and this means having a quality fire alarm system in place. You have a duty of care for both your customers and employees and you owe it to them to make sure your workplace is as safe as possible. 

A quality fire alarm system will quickly alert everyone in your building in the event of a fire, ensuring that people can quickly exit the building and reach safety. If you don’t have a quality, sounding fire alarm installed, no one will be notified should a fire break out - and that’s where lives can be lost. 

Installing fire alarms in your business premises is an important part of implementing fire safety, helping to keep everyone in your building safe. 

Train employees on what to do in the event of a fire

It’s crucial that each and every person you employ knows what to do should a fire break out in your building. Remember, it’s your responsibility to train your employees and ensure that they’re up to date on your fire safety procedure and evacuation plan. In fact, it’s a good idea to re-brief employees every so often to ensure that they know what to do.

Your employees need to feel reassured that they’re safe while at work. A quality fire alarm system will alert your employees (through a loud alarm sound) and encourage them to jump into action, ensuring that everyone takes the necessary steps towards finding safety in the event of a fire. 

To put it simply, a quality fire alarm system is the first line of defence against a fire. A fire detection system is designed to sense smoke, excessive heat or fire and alert people in particular areas of your commercial building. 

It’s important that you carry out regular tests and inspections to ensure that your fire alarm system is in top condition at all times and your employees know what sound they’ll hear should a fire break out in your building. 

Protect your building with a fire alarm installation 

It’s crucial that everyone and everything in your building is protected at all times. A fire can cause detrimental damage to businesses of all sizes, so it’s important that businesses of all sizes take the necessary action to protect themselves. Even if you run a huge commercial building, a small fire can cause serious damage. 

Failing to implement a high-quality fire alarm system could be the very reason your business is destroyed. Even with other fire safety equipment and precautions in place, such as fire extinguishers and employee training, your building is still at risk. It is your responsibility to ensure your commercial building is safe and your stock protected at all times. 

Fires need to be easily detected 

If you still find yourself questioning the importance of fire alarms in the workplace, it’s important to note that all fires need to be easily detected. Fires can quickly spread through rooms in a building, causing extensive damage to everything. Even if your commercial building is small or you don’t work with high-risk substances, a quality fire alarm system needs to be in place to alert everyone in your building.

Top causes of workplace fires

No one is ever safe from a fire, and here are just a few of the most common causes of workplace fires: 

  • Faulty electrical equipment. One of the most common causes of workplace fires, faulty electrical equipment can be extremely dangerous. Whether it’s an overloaded plug socket, a faulty connection or loose wires, broken or faulty electrical equipment can cause electrical fires, which are particularly dangerous as they can’t be put out with water. 

  • Lack of staff training. The value of properly training your employees on fire safety is priceless. A common cause of workplace fires is lack of staff training. If someone stores certain materials incorrectly or someone blocks the vent of an electrical item that requires air, an accidental fire could break out. The best way to ensure fires are prevented in the workplace is to educate and train employees properly on fire safety. 

  • Lack of equipment available. It’s surprising just how many businesses don’t have the correct fire safety equipment in place. Quality fire alarm systems need to be installed to alert people in your building in the event of a fire. In addition, fully functioning fire extinguishers should be installed. Without the correct equipment in place, a fire could quickly reach a dangerous stage and rapidly spread through a commercial building, putting high numbers of people at risk. 

  • Flammable materials. Incorrect storage of flammable and combustible materials is also a common cause of workplace fires. Businesses such as garages and workshops often store flammable materials and if they’re not stored correctly, they can become a fire hazard. 

For more information on fire safety in the workplace, visit the GOV.UK website. 

EK Fire Protection: Fire Alarms For Your Business in Kent 

At EK Fire Protection, we specialise in fire safety solutions for businesses. With an extensive range of fire alarm systems, products and services, our solutions can be tailored to meet your budget and requirements. To keep your commercial building as safe as possible, our experienced and skilled team can carry out fire alarm installations, inspections and maintenance. With 23 years of experience under our belt, we’re proud to be the go-to fire safety company in Kent, Sussex, Essex and London! 

Our range of fire alarm systems are suitable for buildings of all sizes. Whether you’re in need of a new system, a replacement or an upgrade to your existing system, we’ve got you covered with our quality fire safety services. For all of your business fire safety needs, you truly needn’t look further than us - we’re proud to be the reputable and reliable fire protection company in the area. 

Visit our website to learn more about our services.

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