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The Surprising Fire Hazards in Commercial Buildings

A fire can lead to the loss of a company’s building, assets and even lives. While many are already familiar with the most common fire starters like heating and electrical equipment, not as many people are as familiar with the less common causes of commercial fires.

Here are the surprising fire hazards in commercial buildings that you need to be aware of. 


It might be surprising to know that your work dishwasher can be the culprit of many commercial fires. If there’s a leak in the dishwasher or moisture gets in contact with the wires, it can short out electrical components, which may lead to a fire. 

To prevent a dishwasher fire before it happens, try to follow these tips:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instruction manual which includes safety notices and usage tips

  • Check the manufacturer’s website for updates on safety information about your dishwasher

  • Turn off the dishwasher after work. The dishwasher should always be supervised when operating

  • Check and repair broken components regularly

Cleaning chemicals

Whether stored in a cupboard underneath the sink or a commercial kitchen, cleaning hazards can start fires. This is because some cleaning chemicals are incompatible and when mixed, become flammable. 

To prevent any chemical fires from happening in your workplace, make sure to not store a product containing acids next to a product containing a base chemical such as hydroxide. Keep containers tightly sealed, and remove any leaking chemical containers. 

Overheating computers and laptops

While overheating computers and laptops may be uncommon, it can still happen. Possible causes for laptops and computers catching fire include the following:

  • Defective fans or batteries

  • Prolonged use or charging

  • Faulty or worn-out cables

  • Exposure to high temperatures

To avoid laptops and computers from catching fire, make sure to check the vents and fans from time to time. You should also place laptops on firm, level surfaces like a desk.

If your laptop has been regularly overheating, call a computer technician to inspect your unit for you.


Some of the most unusual fire starters can involve animals. An example of this is a bird's nest ending up on a light fixture - if it heats up, it can be hot enough to ignite. 

To avoid this, keep your building safe by regularly checking for birds building their nests near hot areas and cover bins to avoid other animals from gathering there. 

EK Fire Protection: Expert fire safety company

There are lots more fire hazards in commercial buildings than you might’ve initially been aware of. To ensure your building remains safe and protected, then look no further than EK Fire Protection.

At EK Fire Protection, we offer a range of fire protection services including fire exit signs, fire alarm installations and more. 

Get in touch with a member of our friendly team here today for more information. 

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