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The Signs Of A Faulty Fire Alarm

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Fire alarms are a crucial home safety feature which should be present within every domestic property. Not only practical within the home, fire alarm systems can be utilised within the workplace, easily fitted within an office, warehouse or retail setting. Ensuring you have a functional fire alarm is crucial, with faulty alarms liable to delay your realisation that a fire has occurred. Even worse, if an alarm has broken completely, you may not even be alerted to a blaze, unknowingly relying on an appliance which no longer operates as intended. EK Fire Protection are reliable local providers of fire safety features, with solutions as varied as alarms, signs, extinguishers and additional maintenance and repairs to existing installations. 

Read on for some of the telltale signs that your alarm may be in need of repair or a modern replacement.

False Alerts

False alerts can prove worrying and annoying in equal measure, drawing your attention to the risk of a fire which doesn’t actually exist. Constant false alerts can prove inconvenient, causing you to regularly adjust settings, change the location of the alarm or turn it off altogether. If an alarm is especially sensitive or seems to be triggered for no reason, consider the benefits of contacting a repair professional, as your home may be left vulnerable without a functional device.

Frequent Beeping Sounds

We’re all familiar with the frequent beeping sound emitted by a fire alarm, and this exists usually to inform the owner that batteries will need to be replaced. Without this helpful noise, you may be at risk of having a fire alarm within your home which isn’t actually functioning, giving you a false sense of security when the device is unable to produce warnings. If your alarm is making this beeping noise despite battery replacement, seek the services of our experienced fire safety company at EK Fire Protection.

The Alarm Is Over 10 Years Old

If an alarm is over 10 years old, it may have lost some of the original functionality which once made it an efficient safety device. Older alarms will typically become quieter and less effective at informing you of smoke detection. Newer models have innovative technology and smart designs, with additions such as a feature to automatically contact emergency services in the event of a blaze. Stocking the latest in fire-safe products, you can rely on our fire alarm installers to make recommendations for your situation.

Not Sounding In Emergencies

The most dangerous issue surrounding faulty fire alarms is a device which seemingly works as desired, but fails to sound an alarm when smoke is detected. Test your device regularly for assurance, and contact your local fire safety experts for a comprehensive risk assessment.

EK Fire Protection are locally trusted safety experts, made up of a professional and experienced team who are proud to serve the South East as installers, consultants and maintenance professionals. Fire protection equipment, risk assessments and training courses are just several of the services we offer, working closely with businesses to ensure they are completely covered, giving occupants and employees peace of mind. Contact our fire alarm installers for information on the tailored solutions we are pleased to provide, and discuss any queries with our staff.

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