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The Benefits Of Emergency Lighting Installations

A highly important component of your fire safety system and emergency procedures, emergency lighting systems remain illuminated in the event of a mains power supply failure. This means that in the event of a fire, power outage or emergency, fire escapes and exit points will still remain clear, accessible and easy to follow. 

What Is Emergency Lighting?

Emergency lighting systems are essential for businesses, industries or commercial and hospitality venues, in order to provide a safe, effective and easily understood exit strategy in the event of a fire or emergency. Employed across schools, hospitals, music venues, retail stores and office buildings, among others, emergency lighting systems are crucial in maintaining the safety of your staff, and preventing unnecessary danger in the event of an emergency. 

At EK Fire Protection, we provide emergency lighting installations to help guarantee your building is compliant with all fire safety laws to ensure you and your employees are protected in the event of an emergency. 

The Benefits Of Emergency Lighting Installations

Emergency lighting will activate when the main power supply fails, due to a fire, in order to provide lighting to emergency exit signage and fire exit walkways. Below, we highlight the all-important benefits of installing emergency lighting systems in your place of work.


Arguably the most important benefit of all; emergency lighting installations are designed to help keep all inhabitants of the building safe in the event of a fire, emergency or power outage. Emergency lighting will run 24/7, even if the main power supply has failed, to provide essential signage and exit strategies to help guide occupants safely out of the building. 


Emergency lighting will play a vital role in maintaining your company’s operations in the event of a power outage, allowing your employees to resume work as soon as possible, whilst the source of your main power supply is fixed. 

Better yet, the cost of emergency lighting will certainly be far less than the potential expense of carrying out extensive repairs to a property that has been damaged by fire. After all, prevention is always better than cure! 


Emergency lighting installations aren’t just highly effective, they are also compliance set out by the current British Standards of Health and Safety in the Workplace. Adhering to these regulations will ensure you are keeping your employees safe and that you won’t be bothered by governmental officials. 

Are you looking for emergency lighting systems for your business? At EK Fire Protection, we carry out emergency lighting installations helping customers adhere to all current Fire Regulations; we install a tremendous amount of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Safety Signs and Emergency Lighting within our customers’ premises both inside and out. Contact us today. 

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