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The Benefits of Door Access Control and Intercom Systems

Revolutionising the way visitors and employees access a property, the invention of door access control systems has led to safer workplaces. With several benefits over traditional key systems, this can be a fantastic addition to any building, adding comfort and security alongside convenience. Read on to learn everything you need to know about door access control and intercom systems.

Monitors Visitors

For workplaces that require frequent visits from customers and other professionals, door access control and intercom systems can be beneficial for monitoring who has accessed the property. These systems will give you the timeframes needed to report any crimes or accidents should they happen, as well as the relevant information regarding who was in the building at the time. 

Prevents Unwanted Guests

When a business flourishes, it begins to attract some unfriendly guests. Thieves can target a building that lacks adequate security, seeking out expensive goods and sensitive information that can be used to enact fraudulent behaviours. With the installation of door access control systems, criminals are far less likely to succeed at getting in. Visibly strong security measures can also deter thieves from even attempting to break in, avoiding your company entirely.

Creates a Safe Environment

Every employee should be reassured that their workplace is safe, and able to feel comfortable when working in the buildings. The installation of a door access control system provides comfort to staff, knowing that unapproved persons will not be able to access them or their belongings while in the office. 

Similarly, businesses that care for vulnerable persons, particularly children, need to have substantial security. Doors access control and intercom systems provide this with ease, preventing unapproved access. This way you can prevent any unwelcome visitors from entering the property, helping to meet safeguarding duties and requirements.

Stops the Need for Normal Keys

Fed-up with traditional keys being misplaced or damaged? Modern technological entry systems such as door access control thankfully remove the requirement for traditional keys to be issued to staff. A lost key can be disastrous for the business, particularly if it is discovered by a person with bad intentions for your company, allowing them to gain entry. Instead, intercom systems or keypads allow staff to access their workplace without the need for keys that can be easily lost. 

Our Services

As a fire safety business, we understand the importance of guarding against accidents and disasters. That’s why we are pleased to offer a range of door access control and intercom systems, tailored to the needs of our customers. From thorough fire risk assessments to PAT testing, it’s clear why we are revered as one of the best fire protection companies in Kent. 

Visit our website to learn more about us and what we do, or contact us directly for further information and support. 

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