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Practical Tips For Warehouse Fire Safety

Warehouse shelves from above with three workers

Among the prominent dangers of working in a warehouse are heavy objects, reversing vehicles and sharp appliances, but fires are just as dangerous and can occur unexpectedly with devastating repercussions. If you’re looking to improve the fire safety of a warehouse and don’t know where to start, then we have you covered with a selection of beneficial tips, relevant for environments big and small. EK Fire Protection are a local fire safety company that offers extensive industry know-how. We serve Kent, London and surrounding counties with workplace regulation compliance, fire risk assessments and functional modern products including extinguishers, alarms and signage.

Continue reading for a selection of practical fire safety tips which can be implemented in your warehouse.

Appliances And Equipment 

Among the most practical appliances to improve fire safety in a workplace are fire alarms. Such alarm systems can notify an entire building if smoke is detected within a room, giving sufficient time to leave the premises in an organised manner. Other common equipment which can be used in the event of a blaze are fire extinguishers and fire blankets. Extinguishers can be placed around a building and used by aiming a nozzle at the fire, with the user then activating a trigger which launches a foam at the desired area, suppressing damage. Fire blankets are equally useful, and can be used to cut off an oxygen supply.

Training Wardens

Assigning a designated training warden and ensuring staff are adequately trained in fire safety will equip the entire workplace for the possibility of a fire. Training from EK Fire Protection complies with the Health and Safety at Work Act as well as the Fire Precautions Act, two requirements which must be fulfilled by all employers. Following completion of the course within practical sessions, participants will be given an individually named certificate, and you can remain sure that the workforce are prepared for the hazards of a fire. 

Accessible Escape Routes

Accessible escape routes for all staff should be accompanied by clear signage, making clear where employees should evacuate to in the event of a blaze. Escape routes should lead to a location that is familiar, and the ground should be clear at all times for improved navigation to this point. Signs which are compliant with standards and safety legislation can be bought online, and are distinctive enough for those in the warehouse to identify immediately. 

Book A Fire Safety Risk Assessment

Though all of the tips featured previously are useful within all warehouse locations, it is still important to note that all workplaces are different, therefore a more personal approach should be taken to the elimination of risks and consistent protection for staff. A fire safety risk assessment will help you to pinpoint the key areas of improvement as well as possible hazards and issues related to legislation. Book an assessment online today with a trusted fire safety company.

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