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Popular Types Of Nurse Call Systems & Their Benefits

In recent years the care industry has been able to take advantage of modern technologies in order to better help patients. Tech can assist with a variety of daily tasks and medical interventions to allow those in need to feel more comfortable and to receive essential treatment on a daily basis.

One way in which technology has revolutionised care is through nurse call systems, where these are designed to make it easier for patients to reach out to a member of staff in order to receive the attention they need. These devices come in a variety of different makes and models, where each brings various benefits for its users.

Read on to find out more about different types of nurse call systems and how they’re used.

Bedside Call Bells & Buttons

These handy accessories are fitted to the side of a patient’s bed to allow them to easily call a member of staff without having to be mobile. The patient simply has to press a button and this will attract a nurse to their area. Sometimes these buttons can reach into the patient’s bed to help make the system even easier to use. This allows staff to quickly find out who needs additional help and support, making for a more efficient working environment.

Pull Cord Systems

An alternative to the button is the pull cord system, where these can be fitted by bedsides or in bathroom and shower areas. These work in the same way as a button alarm, where they can notify staff at the main reception area or throughout the care space that someone is in need of assistance. The pull cord can be easier to reach for some patients compared to a bell or button, where facilities can benefit from providing both options. 

Wireless Systems

As call technology has developed in recent years, wireless systems have become more common. This allows for call buttons to be installed without the requirement of a mains electricity connection, allowing for easy modification of care spaces to include these handy gadgets. These devices can also be handheld for those with limited mobility, helping to make care spaces more accessible for all patients.

EK Fire Protection: Nurse Call Systems For Your Care Facility

At EK Fire Protection, we can provide your care space with a call bell system that works for you, where we can advise you on the best devices for your establishment and install your new equipment. 

Alongside this, our team also offers a wide variety of fire safety services including fire alarm installations, where we can also provide extinguishers, emergency lighting and exit signs for your building. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help.

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