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How Often Should A Business’s Fire Alarms Be Serviced?

Regular servicing of fire safety equipment within business premises such as fire alarms, smoke alarms and emergency lighting is key to ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations. The regulatory requirements for maintenance state that a fire alarm system must be “regularly maintained”. As a safety critical system, it is crucial to establish a regular service schedule with a fire safety company ensuring that any issues are identified and resolved efficiently.

In addition to maintenance of fire alarms, it is also necessary to carry out regular servicing on other fire safety equipment including fire doors, emergency lighting, sprinkler systems and smoke detectors. Ensuring that the required maintenance is carried out on your fire safety equipment provides peace of mind that your complete fire safety system is in good working order.

Read more below for some further information on the timeframes for servicing a business’s fire and smoke alarms.

Regulatory Requirements

Fire alarm servicing involves a comprehensive check of aspects of fire safety components within a building related to the alarm system. With the regulatory requirement that alarms are “regularly maintained” it is important to establish a service schedule with your fire safety company that meets the requirements of your fire safety equipment. In some instances fire alarm maintenance every six months is recommended. However, for more complex fire alarm systems it can be necessary to carry out more regular scheduled servicing and checks.

Choosing A Fire Alarm Servicing Company

In order to ensure fire safety regulatory compliance and that high-quality servicing is carried out on your fire safety equipment it is important to establish a regular maintenance schedule with an experienced fire safety company. Other fire safety equipment within your business premises such as fire extinguishers and emergency lighting also requires a servicing and maintenance schedule. For a fire safety system to work effectively it is important for each aspect of this system to be in good condition and high-quality installation and servicing are a key step to ensuring this is the case.

Contact EK Fire Protection Today For Fire Alarm Servicing

Based in Kent, EK Fire Protection provides a wide range of fire safety services for businesses including fire alarm installation, fire safety training and emergency lighting servicing in addition to providing fire risk assessment services. Whether you require expert advice on implementing a comprehensive fire safety system or repairs of emergency lighting our specialist team can help. For more information on the range of services we can provide, get in touch with our team today by calling 01304 210909 or emailing us at

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