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How Many Fire Alarms Do You Need?

Updated: Jun 13

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Setting up a fire alarm system should be one of the first things you do when you move into a new home or office building. Not only will it help protect your investment, but it can also save lives. But how many fire alarms should you have and where should they be placed?

Have a Fire Safety Risk Assessment

The first step is to have a fire safety risk assessment carried out. This involves a professional examining the premises and determining what fire risks exist. The assessment will:

  • Identify any fire hazards

  • Identify any residents or workers at risk

  • Determine risks and either remove or reduce them

  • Aid in preparing an emergency plan

  • Give information on training those in the business or home

  • Prepare a written report

This will give you a clear idea of what you need to be careful of and how many alarms you need. Whether you are preparing a family home, an office or any other type of commercial space, an evaluation is necessary to ensure that all fire risks are found and planned for.

Placing Fire Alarms

Once you have the fire risk safety assessment done, you should take steps to reduce your fire risks. You’ll also want to place fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms throughout the space. There are no specific regulations on where to place them, but here are some general guidelines for fire alarms:

At least one alarm per storey: You need to have a fire alarm on every level, but you may need more than one.

Place fire alarms in areas of circulation: This means a hallway or open area where the air will pass through, making it more likely that your alarm will detect a fire before it gets too big. 

Add an alarm in areas that may be high risk: For both fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms, you should place them in areas that could cause issues, such as a space where there is a wood-burning stove.

It’s important to frequently check your fire alarms and ensure that the batteries are fresh and that the alarm itself is functional. Plan to do this every six months, so that you’ll always be warned of a fire in time to take action. 

Do you need help protecting your space from fires? E K Fire Protection offers both fire alarm plans and installation, as well as risk assessments to help keep your buildings safe.

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