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How Exactly Do Patient Call Bell Systems Work In 2024?

Fire extinguishers are an invaluable piece of fire safety kit, and their suitability within many environments means that they’re often one of the first items acquired as far as a risk assessment is concerned. With different types of extinguisher required for different dilemmas, you may not always require an extinguisher on a permanent basis, but even when sourced temporarily, you’re unlikely to regret grabbing one should the worst case scenario occur. Allow EK Fire Protection to provide the details concerning extinguisher rental, including situations in which this may be desirable as well as legal responsibilities and more. 

Using An Extinguisher

As explained, different types of fire extinguisher are reserved for different hazards and locations, with foam extinguishers reserved for flammable liquids, water extinguishers for paper or wood, and finally dry powder devices perfect for flammable gases. Using each extinguisher should be somewhat similar in that they usually constitute an aimable nozzle and a trigger to activate. Most commonly attached to walls for convenience of access or stored away in a dedicated area, recognising the variant you need before organising rental is essential.

Temporary Acquisition

Temporarily acquiring a fire extinguisher or several units may be necessary in some situations, with this potentially saving money. Outright purchasing professional-grade extinguishers will likely set you back thousands, while you can borrow those exact same utilities from us, on flexible terms, and at a reduced cost. Well aware of your legal obligations and commitment to staff and customer welfare, EK Fire Protection are experienced in providing businesses with fire extinguishers and other fire suppression equipment across the South East.

Relevant Contexts 

Events and gatherings are one such instance in which precautions should be taken and fire safety equipment should be acquired, especially if you’re organising and have a duty of care over those in attendance. EK Fire Protection offer a wide range of fire extinguishers for hire, including water, foam, CO2, dry powder, and more. These extinguishers are suitable for tackling a variety of fire types and can help protect your guests and property in the event of an emergency, while ensuring you’re compliant with legislation.

Your Legal Responsibility 

As a business owner, event organiser or residential block landlord, it’s a legal requirement to ensure you have satisfactory fire extinguishers at your property or within your grounds, even if this is only for a brief period of time. As well as having equipment available on site, you must ensure that any fire extinguishers within your premises are serviced as per the BS 5306 regulation. There should be an assigned employee too who is responsible for risk assessments throughout the building or setting of your event too. 

At EK Fire Protection, we provide fire extinguishers for hire in Kent and the surrounding areas, complying with all relevant British Standards. Our engineers also regularly enrol on training courses to ensure their knowledge is completely up to date. If you’ve been looking for fire extinguisher rental in the local area, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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