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How Do Patient Call Bell Systems Work?

Within a healthcare or general one-to-one care environment, it is increasingly important for individuals to have a means of notifying and contacting the individuals entrusted with their welfare while they aren’t in the same space. With this means of notifying care providers at the press of the button, flip of a switch or pull of a cord, safety is prioritised. Simple to install and with many variants of this system available, let the experts at EK Fire Protection guide you through precisely how these utilities work, with an emphasis on practicality and ease of use. 

The Basics

Put simply, patient call bell systems function by allowing bedbound or vulnerable individuals to notify caregivers remotely, from the comfort of a bed area or separate room. When installed correctly, patients can simply press a button or pull a length of string to summon help, which ensures they receive the care they need as quickly as possible. Wireless nurse call systems help patients feel safe and looked after, as well as providing a reliable, simple and effective means of communication between patients and staff.

Assorted Settings

In hospitals, nurses rely on call bell systems to provide timely assistance to patients, while similarly set up EK Fire Protection call systems are essential in other contexts (nursing homes, and assisted living facilities for example). Patients in these facilities often require assistance from caregivers, and a nurse call system provides a means for patients to communicate when they would otherwise be unable to. A nurse call system is particularly crucial for patients who are unable to move around independently, while those who have speech problems are similarly accounted for.

Patient Safety

Safety is prioritised when you opt for a functional call bell system, allowing individuals to immediately notify caregivers in the midst of a dangerous situation such as a fire or accident. Adaptable to different environments and situations, whether it’s a single disabled toilet pull cord alarm or a multi-purpose bedside system you need, at EK Fire Protection we can create a solution that’s right for you. Options available include addressable solutions which allow you to tailor who the call goes out to, call logging to help you understand which patients are using the system and panic alarms.

Installation And Maintenance

Proper installation of maintenance of these systems is essential for their continued functionality, which is where we come in. Tailoring care call systems to each individual setting is something we’re proud of, and it helps our team get the job done right. We understand the importance of nurse call systems and the safety they provide for patients, installing your system in the most thorough manner, while we’re only ever a phone call away for maintenance and upkeep. 

At EK Fire Protection, we possess a professional team of qualified electricians, with many years of experience installing care call systems. Having provided care call systems in homes, businesses, as well as both public and private healthcare environments, we’re best-equipped to install and maintain your offering. Contact us today.

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