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Fire Safety At Home: Our Favourite Fire-Proofing Tips

Whether you’re a home of 1 or a full family, keeping your house fire safe is vital. A fire can be a destructive and unexpected occurrence that we all want to avoid. Luckily, our blog is here to give you some of our favourite fire-proofing tips for your home. To find out more, keep on reading! 

Fire Proofing Your Home

There are a variety of ways to fireproof your home, depending on how safe you want to feel. You can combine some of these methods as well as just use one form of protection, it’s entirely up to you. 

Smoke Alarms

Investing in smoke alarms is a simple and basic way to protect yourself from a fire. They provide an early warning to a fire, with a loud alarm to alert you immediately. Newer, smart alarms will also send notifications to your phone, in case they go off when you aren’t in the building, you are still made aware of the potential fire. 

Most homes will have a number of fire alarms in hallways, landings and even in bedrooms. This is a great safety measure to take if you’re trying to fireproof your home. 

Get A Fire Extinguisher For Your Home

Not all homes have a fire extinguisher, but if you feel like you want this level of protection, it’s definitely worth looking into. Kitchen mishaps or small fires can be contained effectively with a fire extinguisher. They come in different classes, so be sure to find the right one for your home. 

Fire Doors

Fire doors are another excellent preventative measure for your home. They can massively reduce smoke and flames in the event of a fire. Although they are not a legal requirement, you can have fire doors installed in your home at any time! 

Fire Retardant Materials

When it comes to your actual building, some materials are more vulnerable to fire than others, so investing in fire retardant materials can be a good way of keeping yourself safe. If you’re thinking of refurbishing your home or doing renovations, you may want to think about fire resistant materials to keep your home safer. 

EK Fire Protection: A Fire Safety Company You Can Rely On

Here at EK Fire Protection, we offer a range of fire safety products and services. If you’re looking for commercial fire alarm installation or professional fire risk assessments, we’re here to help. 

To learn more about our commercial services and fire alarm installations, head to our website. Alternatively, you can contact us to speak to our team directly. 

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