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Fire Alarm Myths Debunked

A fire alarm fixed to a wall

When protecting your family, business or possessions from the very real hazard of a fire, you’ll want to make sure that you not only have the correct procedures and appliances in place to stop one but also a means of informing building occupants if one occurs unexpectedly. A fire can very quickly spread, becoming difficult to control, so being informed of a blaze as early as possible gives you the best chance of contacting emergency services or putting out a fire using the correct appliances. Fire alarms from EK Fire Protection are essential within domestic and commercial settings, alerting occupants to hazards before they become a more significant threat. If you have decided against fire alarm installation, you may have been influenced by one of the many prevalent myths and misconceptions that exist.

Continue reading for the truth about fire alarms, and why such alarm systems from a fire safety company are an important appliance for any safety-minded setting.

I Only Own A Small Building So I Don’t Require An Alarm

Regardless of how large or small your premises are, a fire alarm will prove a worthwhile investment if it prevents costly damage by alerting you to a blaze. Fires spread more easily within contained areas, so a small building will be prone to fire damage if the unexpected occurs. Fires are never predictable, so invest in an alarm system for peace of mind to stay informed. Fire alarm installers can install a device conveniently within your building.

I Already Have A Fire Alarm So I’m Safe

As technology and safety systems have developed, innovative new ways of protecting your property from the destructiveness of a fire have emerged, therefore an old system may lack the capabilities of a tailored fire alarm system provided by EK Fire Protection. Even worse, an older system may have lost functionality or be faulty, meaning that it can no longer effectively inform occupants of an impending blaze. We provide alarm maintenance and upgrades for older systems at your convenience.

Fire Alarms Are Pointless As I’ll Smell Smoke

Though one of the earliest signs of a fire may be the appearance of smoke, it is a misconception that you will wake from the scent of smoke or immediately notice it. Some advanced alarm systems have the capability to inform emergency services in the event of a fire, especially useful considering that many fires occur at night, a time when we’re vulnerable and sleeping.

All Alarm Systems Are The Same

Though fire alarm systems may seem like a basic appliance, they vary from different makes and models, with additional features required for domestic and workplace settings. We provide a diverse selection of alarm systems to local customers, suited to settings as varied as apartments to huge warehouses and offices. Our team are able to act as consultants, giving you the ideal solution to your safety concerns via a risk assessment.

Looking for a reliable fire protection company? You’re in the right place. EK Fire Protection are locally trusted, with a professional and experienced team who are proud to serve the South East as fire alarm installers. Fire protection equipment, risk assessments and training courses are just a taste of what we offer, working closely with businesses to ensure they are completely covered. Contact us today for more information on the assistance we provide, and to talk with a helpful member of the fire safety company.

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