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Films on Fire: Famous Fires Featured on the Big Screen

As impressive and almost enchanting as they may look, fires can have devastating effects should they get out of control - though often used as an idiom, the saying “don’t play with fire” really does ring true in a literal sense.

Thankfully, modern technology and film production means we don’t have to experience fires first hand to still witness the haunting beauty of flames, and thankfully without any real destruction. Read on below as we list three of our favourite fires featured in films.

1 | Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

In the famous film adaptation of the book series of the same name, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events exposes us to fire towards the very start of the film, in which the three Baudelaire children (Violet, Klaus and Sunny) are at the beach when they are informed that their parents have died in a fire that burned down their family mansion. The children are shown walking amongst the ashes and decrepit building.

There is speculation over the origins of the fire, with there being evidence to suggest that Count Olaf, the film’s antagonist, started it with the motive of getting his hands on the Baudelaire fortune.

Thankfully, with today’s modern technology, a smoke alarm installation can help people escape in the event of a house fire without having the same fate as the Baudelaire parents.

2 | Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Your first thought with this film may be a ship up in flames on the water, but we’re actually thinking about Elizabeth’s genius idea to create an SOS signal by creating a bonfire using barrels of rum. Of course Captain Jack doesn’t think this plan is genius, repeatedly questioning “why is the rum gone?” with a look of horror adorning his face.

Unless you find yourself stranded on a desert island, we don’t recommend setting fire to barrels of rum - or any alcohol for that matter, since alcohol is extremely flammable and will quite literally add fuel to the fire.

3 | The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The clue’s in the name with this one, with the numerous instances where fire makes an appearance in this film. The first that we think deserves an honourable mention is the opening ceremony scene in which Katniss and Peeta are being pulled along in their chariot when their clothes alight in brilliant flames that trail behind them.

Of course, if you find yourself on fire, then you should stop, drop and roll to extinguish the fire.

The other fire we think is too good not to mention is when Katniss shoots an arrow connected to a wire at the dome of the arena during the games, which she does whilst being struck by lightning. Electrical fires are no joke, and we see the force field surrounding the arena break down in a ring of fire.

To tackle electrical fires in real life, then a carbon dioxide or a dry powder fire extinguisher would be needed to put it out. You can learn more about the different fire extinguishers you may need at your home or business by contacting us here at EK Fire Protection. As well as fire extinguisher rental, we also offer emergency lighting and fire alarm installations.

Get in touch with us today.

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