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Don’t Panic! What To Do In The Event of A Fire at Work

Keeping yourself safe from fires at work doesn’t have to be challenging. If you are informed of all the right actions to take, you should be able to leave a dangerous situation unscathed.

Read on to find out how to act in the event of a fire at your work, including how to inform others and how to prevent future fires.

Exiting the Building

If you find a fire in the workplace, it is important to let others know. On your way to exit the building, sound the first fire alarm you see to prevent delay in getting everyone out. As you leave, try to close any doors behind you, as this can help to stop the fire from spreading rapidly. Your workplace should also have an evacuation procedure, which you can follow to get to safety. This procedure should include both an appointed fire marshall and a prominently marked evacuation point outside. 

Smoke and Fumes

When the air becomes thick with smoke and fumes, it can make it incredibly difficult to both see and breathe. If you are stuck inside your workplace, you can try and block out the fumes from coming into your area by closing doors and stuffing rugs or heavy blankets in any gaps. By staying low in a smoke-filled room you will breathe in the clearest air, so try to remain as close to the ground as safely possible.

Stop, Drop and Roll

It’s a catchy phrase for a reason! If you notice your clothing has caught fire, you can follow these steps to prevent further harm.


It’s important not to panic and move around rapidly, as flailing can increase the size of any flames. Instead, stop moving before proceeding with the next action.


Dropping to the ground can help smother the flames. You can further help by wrapping yourself in a fire blanket or a large and heavy fabric item.


You can then start to roll back and forth on the floor, which should fully extinguish the flames, saving you from further danger. 

Preventative Measures

To prevent a future workplace fire, it’s important to consider what causes fires. Fires need a combination of three things to begin: oxygen, an ignition point, and a source of fuel. For example, a naked flame combined with wooden furniture and the air could lead to a fire. To help detect a fire quickly, make sure fire alarm installations have been organised for the entire building. You can also contact a fire safety company to assess the security of your preventative measures.

How We Can Help

As workplace fire safety awareness is not only of the utmost importance but also your employer’s legal requirement, it is important to feel confident in your knowledge. At EK Fire Protection, we can provide a variety of processes to make your workplace safer, from fire safety training to photoluminescent fire safety signs. If your work environment could benefit from our help don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our website for more information and support.

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