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Crucial Safety Features For Your Office Relocation

Relocating your business can prove stressful and overwhelming for even the most experienced of senior stakeholders, with furniture, tech and employee welfare all worth considering. Safety should be in your thoughts too, with a brand new setting sure to provoke an entirely new set of issues and possible hazards. At EK Fire Protection, we specialise in the prevention and elimination of fires, with office fires an area we’re well-acquainted with. Read on and list down everything from the importance of training, to the very best ways in which you can clear out and highlight crucial safety exits and staff entrances. 

Extinguishers And Blankets

Among the most recognisable fire safety utilities, and certainly some of the most frequently used, fire extinguishers and fire safety blankets are a must-buy for even the smallest commercial setting. Useful if the worst case scenario occurs and a fire breaks out, the location of extinguishers and blankets is critical, because in the event of a fire, every second counts. In addition to extinguishing small liquid and solid fires, a fire blanket can be used on a person whose clothing has ignited, whereas having a fire extinguisher in the right location can help to quickly contain the fire and minimise the damage caused.

Relevant Emergency Exits 

Being clear and transparent about the measures you have set in place is crucial, and through signage or clear instruction, everyone who steps into your premises should know the evacuation plan and escape route in case there is an emergency. Successful evacuation in the event of a fire is most easily achieved when you mark the locations of emergency exits and routes with the relevant safety signs and notices well in advance, giving staff a good idea of where these will be following the relocation of your office space. 

Risk Reduction 

Reducing risk in advance should be a priority when moving your space, and ultimately, the best way to prevent injuries or illness in your workplace is to find the hazards beforehand that could cause injury or illness. Hazards aren’t just related to fire safety either, with everything from sharp objects to dangerous chemicals worth accounting for. Hazards at work will vary depending on setting but may include everything from working at height, to lacking correct PPE and leaving cables and leads dangling. Be thorough, and don’t be afraid to get critical about your new working space. 

Staff Training

The Health and Safety at Work Act and the Fire Precautions Act places an obligation on employers to provide basic fire training for all employees, while other forms of training are encouraged, and again, will depend partially on the context and your line of work. The training required for working in a warehouse for example will certainly vary from that of working on a shop floor or office, so be smart about how you approach matters, and choose courses with viable benefits. 

At EK Fire Protection, our professional and experienced team are proud to provide businesses across the South East with fire protection training, extensive risk assessments, emergency lighting wiring, fire extinguishers and much more. If you’re looking for a reliable fire protection company that prioritises the welfare of your staff, you needn’t look further than us! Contact today for instant advice and recommendations. 

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