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Conducting A Fire Safety Risk Assessment For Your Restaurant

Restaurant kitchens are hectic places, and with many flammable objects present, open flames required for cooking, and individuals rushing around to serve up that particular popular dish, danger is always one slip away. For this reason, fire risk assessments are an important measure for stakeholders, offering a balanced perspective on the potential fire risks, safety measures and hazards within a space. This could include everything from candles and greasy appliances to the placement of emergency escape doors and signage. Let EK Fire Protection  provide an overview on what these thorough assessments often involve.

Undoubted Importance

Important within offices, warehouses and other settings in which individuals work and operate, fire safety risk assessments are no less important within restaurants. Best summarised as an organised and methodical look at your location, the actions carried out there and the likelihood that a fire could start and spread, a thorough assessment could be an absolute life saver. A successful assessment or review carried out by professionals will identify notable fire hazards, reduce the risk of those hazards causing harm and determine necessary precautions and arrangements.

Significant Risks 

A risk assessment carried out by EK Fire Protection should be able to highlight the most notable risks within your space, be it the positioning of open flames which loose clothing and hair may come into contact with, or greasy surfaces which could easily catch fire if caught in the wrong circumstances. Other hazards we may highlight include accumulations of junk or paper documents which could cause a fire to spread, faulty or frayed electrical cords as well as improper storage of flammable materials which may lead them to quickly combust.

From Signage To Escapes

From clear signage to unobstructed escapes, you may be failing to fulfil your legal duties if these elements are lacking. Senior stakeholders and owners must indicate firefighting equipment by using signs, as well as emergency doorways and exit routes. Legally, the responsible individual should also make restaurant employees aware of the safety equipment at their disposal. Additionally, fire exit regulations recommend that there are at least two escape routes for every area within a location, so we’ll be looking out for adequate emergency exits during an assessment.

A Professional Opinion

Looking for a professional opinion? Here at EK Fire Protection, we provide a wide range of fire safety solutions to help our clients protect themselves and their properties. As part of this service, we provide expert fire safety risk assessments. Whether your organisation is large or small, our services will ensure that you and your employees are prepared for the risks and you have enough equipment to deal with any fires that may break out.

As one of the leading fire safety businesses in the region, EK Fire Protection work closely with numerous businesses to ensure they are adequately covered and clued up concerning fire safety. If you’re interested in carrying out a fire safety risk assessment on your premises, we’re simply a phone call or an email away.

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