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Common Misconceptions About Fire Safety

A  close-up of a fire extinguisher in a public place

Fire safety is a big deal. With both commercial and residential settings needing the correct fire safety measures implemented, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the basics of fire safety and remember some of the practical ways in which you can create a safe environment. Despite the importance of such measures, there are a lot of commonly believed myths surrounding the topic of fire safety, which are clarified below. 

You Should Not Handle A Small Fire By Yourself

Even if you think you can deal with a small fire, never try to put it out yourself. Most fires which cause serious damage start with a small accident and develop into something more serious, so make sure you follow the specific fire safety precautions that are in place for your building. A small house fire can become a major blaze in less than 30 seconds. And in just 5 minutes, the fire can overwhelm an entire building.

Sprinklers Can Be Life Savers

A commonly believed myth is that if one building sprinkler is activated in the case of a fire, all sprinklers will be triggered, delivering huge quantities of water which can destroy the contents of a building. Especially worrisome when factoring in technology such as computer monitors and electronics, this assumption is actually complete fiction. Sprinklers have long been an excellent safety feature, especially within commercial buildings, and rarely trigger all at once.

Fire Extinguishers Can Last For Longer Than 10 Years

There has long been a misconception that fire extinguishers only remain effective for 10 years, however, it is speculated that this theory only came about because of recommendations from organisations to replace extinguishers every 10 or 20 years. In reality, a unit can last a longer amount of time if kept in the correct condition. While extinguishers can last beyond 20 years, regular maintenance is still highly recommended, and replacement of extinguishers should still be considered.

You Should Not Leave Your Fire Alarms Indefinitely Once Fitted

Fire alarms are integral for any safety-conscious household or business, as they are able to quickly alert individuals to a potential blaze. With 23 years of experience specialising in smoke and fire alarm installations, you needn’t look further than EK Fire Protection to provide you with the appropriate safety alarm to suit your needs. This myth suggests that fire alarms can be left indefinitely once fitted, however, we would suggest that you regularly maintain any fitted alarm, and seek replacements or an inspection if you have any doubts about the quality of your system. Whether you need a new system, replacements and or an upgrade to your existing system we’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking for reliable fire safety solutions for your business, look no further than the experienced team at EK Fire Protection. With an extensive range of fire alarm systems, products and services available, our fire safety solutions can be tailored to meet your individual requirements and budget. For more information on the comprehensive services we provide as a fire safety company, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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