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A Quick Guide To Fire Alarms

At the heart of any business or company, should be a focus on the safety of its employees and clients. It is the duty of every business owner or manager to ensure that the necessary precautions are taken to minimise the chance of hazards such as fires on the premises. 

Among the many steps that can be taken to ensure adequate safety in the workplace or commercial site, is the installation of fire alarms. It is a legal requirement of all businesses in the UK to have an appropriate fire detection system; fire alarms are both cost-effective and highly effective methods of fire detection.

Here is EK Fire Protection’s quick guide to fire alarms.

How Do They Work?

The first thing to understand when discussing fire alarms, is how they function. While the specific technical details are somewhat complex, the basic function is easily explained. 

Fire alarms, or smoke detectors, as the name suggests, are triggered when smoke enters their system. There are two main types of smoke alarms, optical smoke detectors and ionisation smoke detectors. 

Optical smoke alarms use an infrared light beam and a detector. When there is no smoke in the chamber, the light beam does not reach the detector. However, when smoke enters the system, the infrared light is refracted through the chamber and connects with a photocell which triggers an alarm. 

Ionisation smoke alarms use an ionisation chamber to detect smoke. When this chamber is empty, the alarm remains silent. However, when smoke enters the ionisation chamber, the flow of current is blocked and the alarm sounds.


Why They’re Needed

It goes without saying that smoke alarms are essential for a number of reasons. These incredible detectors have been proven to have a huge effect on minimising the likelihood of harm and fatalities.

Not only are they incredibly affordable relative to the service they perform, but there are also a variety of smoke alarms systems available. Your local fire protection service will be able to assist and install a smoke alarm system suitable for your premises or business. 

Maintenance And Testing

As with any system designed to monitor hazards and prevent danger, it is crucial that fire alarms are properly maintained and tested. It is important to use a reliable installation service that can help with testing, upgrades and replacements to ensure that your system is always functioning properly. 

Expert Fire Alarm Installation By EK Fire Protection

No matter the size or scale of your business or commercial property, if you are looking for professional fire alarm installation in Kent, look no further than EK Fire Protection. Our experienced and friendly team specialise in fitting an extensive range of fire alarm systems. 

Don’t wait, get in touch with us today to organise a risk assessment of installation! Give us a call on 01304 210909.

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