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A Guide To Fire Alarms

For most of us, it’s our worst nightmare. The image of your home or business surrounded by flames is certainly one you’ll want to keep as just that, an image in your mind and far from reality. There are, of course, many modern mitigation techniques that are more than proficient in sensing and even stopping a fire. We’ve all seen sprinklers for example or fire doors. However, one of the best options for your building a fire alarm, but how do they work and which alarm is best for you? 

In terms of modern fire alarms, there are two main types of alarm systems. There is the simpler fire alarm system, which is designed to notify the residents of a building that someone has witnessed a fire on the premises. Then there is the smoke alarm, which nowadays can detect the presence of smoke within a room and send a subsequent alarm through the building to warn people and the emergency services. 

The fire alarm is a piece of equipment that has been through a long and interesting evolutionary journey. It is one of the oldest modern fire prevention systems and one which has found its way into almost every modern office building. So, what's the history behind this life-saving piece of equipment and how did it find its way into our homes? 

The history of the fire-alarm 

The first fire alarm was invented all the way back in 1852 and was quite simply a bell within a box. Naturally, this attracted the attention of vandals, so the alarm system was often fitted with a lock system where you had to lock your own arm in to activate the alarm! Clearly then, our modern systems have come a long way. 

In 1890, Frances Robbins invented the first system that many would consider close to the alarms we see today. While his design struggled to gain traction at first, it soon became widely used and one of the best safety feature inventions of the 19th century. Modern fire alarms follow a very similar principle today, with the only difference being their wireless technology. 


Today, fire alarms require professional installation as wireless systems can be difficult to connect if you don’t have any past experience. Many fire alarm fitters have years of experience and are trained to an extremely high standard. Hiring a professional team will also give you a certain degree of insurance so you can rest easy knowing your system meets the current standard. 

If you’re looking for a new fire alarm system to upgrade your home or business, then here at EK Fire Protection, we are here to help. We have plenty of experience to guide and advise you through the decision and installation process. If you have any questions or would like to chat with some experts on the subject, then contact us today! 

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