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5 Ways to Protect Your Business From Fires

Updated: Jun 13

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You never know when a fire could outbreak but if you prepare for the possibility, you are less likely to experience irreplaceable damage. Invest in the right precautions and you could save yourself thousands of pounds and eliminate safety risks for your staff members.

Here are five ways to protect your business from fires.

Carry out a risk assessment

Risk assessments are best done by professionals. However, if you are familiar with the regulations and dangers, you can also check out the potential risk factors in your workplace. Be mindful of which areas could be a fire risk such as plugs, wires, electronics or piles of rubbish that are lying around your business.

Install fire safety equipment

You already know the regulations for smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, but it’s worth installing other types of fire safety equipment. A fire suppression system is a good idea and can often be more effective than sprinklers for particular types of fires.  Sometimes you can’t get to the extinguisher in time or the fire may be too big to try and extinguish this way, but a suppression system can often eliminate the fire before much damage is done, while staff evacuate.

Train your staff

Your staff must know exactly what they need to do in the event of a fire so they don’t waste any time. Having training sessions from time to time is necessary to make it easier in the event of an emergency. You can bring in a fire safety company to hold training sessions so everybody is well equipped and knowledgeable on fire safety.

Hold fire drills

Once the staff is trained, you should practice what needs to be done in the event of a fire. Fire drills will help everyone react properly when there is an emergency. If they’ve repeated the drills multiple times, the movements will become automatic and they’ll automatically move into evacuation mode.

Regularly check for hazards

Just because you’ve eliminated the fire hazards or done an inspection doesn’t mean the business remains hazard-free. It’s a good idea to check your workplace and other areas each week for any potential issues so nothing goes unnoticed. Look for rusting pipes, gas leaks, frayed wires, or other potential fire hazards. 

Keeping your business safe from fires is an ongoing process. At EK Fire Protection, we provide a range of services that will keep you safe and prepared for any fire-related incidents. Our fire training sessions are ideal for getting your team up to speed on how to approach small fires, prevent outbreaks and more. Get in touch with us today on 01304 210909.

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