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2024 Fire Safety Tips For A Care Home

When discussing environments that require a high level of competency, thorough training and optimal staff understanding, care homes are among the most prominent. Employees are of course tasked with ensuring the safety of elderly and vulnerable people within these selected environments, while there are a fair share of risks and possible fire hazards within assorted areas of a typical car environment. Read on and let EK Fire Protection take you through everything from increasing the fire safety knowledge of employees, to having high-end call systems installed by fire protection companies - just in case. 

Competent Staff Training 

Staff knowhow can go a long way, especially concerning fire safety and similar tips, to ensure welfare of care home residents. Staff training will make sure that employees know exactly what to do in the instance of a fire. While your specific fire-training course can be tailored to meet individual needs, it will typically include an introductory talk, powerpoint presentation, questions and answer session and even hands-on experience using a fire extinguisher. Rest assured that EK Fire Protection provide extensive training courses and certification in fire safety, ensuring your care team is appropriately prepared for any eventuality in 2024

Correct Equipment 

As a business owner or residential block landlord, it’s a legal requirement to ensure you have satisfactory fire safety equipment at your property, and this is just as applicable for care homes and assisted living facilities. Utilising the right equipment and having it on display for all to see is integral to watertight safety procedures, and this applies to everything from fire blankets, extinguishers and sprinklers, to smoke alarms which alert all in attendance when heat is detected. Ensure there are enough appliances for the size of your building too. 

Functional Nurse Call Systems 

Integrating nurse call buttons into your facility ensures that caregivers can provide the care that patients need as soon as they need it. These buttons can be activated by patients and residents with ease, ensuring a professional will be available immediately to assist. These wireless nurse call systems can help patients to feel safe and looked after, as well as providing a reliable, simple and effective means of communication. In addition, if a fire is to occur, they mean that a member of staff will arrive as a matter of urgency. 

Unobstructed Emergency Exits 

As an employer, If you run a business in England or Wales, you must abide by the Regulatory Reform Order established in 2005. This array of rules and regulations applies to care settings, and dictates that emergency exists must be accessible at all times. The government recommends that you provide more than one fire exit from your premises whenever possible, and these exits should be completely independent of each other - with separate escape routes so there’s always a way to evacuate the building. 

Looking to make the most of our equipment? Bear in mind that our patient call bell systems, alarm set-ups and assorted safety accessories can be customised to suit your needs. If you want to ensure that your staff are always on hand for care home patients, and that your patients feel safe and secure under your care or in the event of a fire, don’t hesitate to contact EK Fire Protection today - we would be happy to help!

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